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    File and Directory Monitoring  

File and Directory Monitoring
The IPSentry File and Directory monitoring add-in provides IPSentry with file and directory scanning and monitoring of various aspects of file information such as:
  • File existence
  • File size
  • File modification
  • Folder size
  • File Deletion and Addition
  • Change within time frame
  • Modified and Unmodified file count
  • Modified and Unmodified file size
The add-in can monitor file and directory information on local drives and network shares allowing you to monitor things like user directory sizes, critical folders for file modifications, data integrity issue due to file deletion, changes on active files to detect process activity.

This add-in is ideal for monitoring storage queues, quota limits, file updates, files that must be updated, etc...

Check to make sure log files are being updated at specific intervals and time frames, verify that directories are being cleaned out, queue folders are not growing out of control, and that things are functioning in general with regards to the physical file system.

In some cases, the only way to tell if a process or application is actually doing its job (or has done its job) is detect changes in specific files or folders.

This little tool solves a lot of problems that just can't be solved any other way.
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