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Reference Monitoring

Unique to IPSentry Network Monitor is the Back Reference monitoring functionality allowing you to trigger alerts, notifications, and actions based on the current state of one or more existing entries. (And yes, even on other Back Reference Monitors...)

This functionality alone adds and unprecedented amount of flexibility for alert and notification functionality to the IPSentry application allowing you to replicate alerting functionality, trigger different alerts for multiple device failures, schedule downtime and overrides on alert and notifications.

The flexibility provided here can be the answer to just about any "If I want..." situation.
If I only want UserA alerted Wed/Thu/Fri between 1900 and 2300 but UserB 24/7...
If I want to be alerted only if both networks are not responding...
If I want to be alerted when the CPU is at 100% and memory usage is over 2gb...
If I don't want devices C,D,E in Group 2 monitored if Group1 device A is down...
 - the list goes on - again, as simple or as complex as you like.

Probably one of the easiest monitors to configure is by fare the most powerful in terms of customizing IPSentry alerting and notification to fit your specific needs.
    Evaluate this feature in the fully functional download.
    See more details in our help documentation.
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