ipSentry Network Monitoring Software

Current Version: 7.21
Updated: 2020
Revision Level: .60

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7.x Update Notes

Version 7 original release is primarily a core system upgrade targeting SSL, TLS, (1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2) and IPv6 capabilities.

V6 to V7 internal security channel updates now support SNI, TLS 1.2, ipV6, and current Windows operating systems compatibility updates tested.

Added SNI capabilities to SSL Certificate monitor.

Corrected MIB import issue in SNMP Object monitor to handle referenced object before definition.

Updated Event monitor test selection for time/date start-point.

Re-signed all code with updated auth certificate.

Corrected HTTP/s TLS 1.2 handshake error hang.

Corrected crypt selection in SSL Monitor.

Added Windows Server 2019 to supported O/S list.

Remvoed Windows 7 from supported O/S list.

Corrected SNMP Add-In Error during MIB Import

Additional corrections to TLS1.2 Handshake error with nginx HTTPs tls 1.2 negotiation.

Added .NET 4.7 requirement to installation

Handle SSL/TLS random lockups in HTTPs monitor.

Updated TAPI Control system prompt issued interpreted as message. PDQTAPI alert.

For future protection, utilize direct COM port rather than TAPI device when possible.

Handle Win 10 1809 breaking changes.

Performance counter monitoring add-in - correct authentication issues

Event log monitoring add-in - correct authentication issues

Fixes for Random HTTP/s Monitoring Hang.

Fixes for Windows 10 1809 update breaking changes.

Corrected authentication issues in Performance Counter monitoring add-in.

Corrected authentication issues in Event log monitoring add-in.

Fixes for Windows 10 1803 1803 breaking changes.

Updates to HTTP add-in for SSL/TLS

Updates to TCP Script allowing TLS and SSL

Updates to Event Log Monitor to handle Win 10 1809 breaking changes

Update to event log monitor to allow legacy (Win 7) monitoring with Win 10 1809 breaking changes

Updates to IP Core for IPv6

Updates to incompatible SHA1 certificate references.

Update to Cert for SHA256 Certificate dash client.

TLS1.0 - Passed

TLS1.1 - Passed

TLS1.2 - Passed

SSL3.0 - Passed

SNI Compatible - Passed

O/S Compatibility:

Windows 10 - Passed

Windows Server 2008/R2 Passed

Windows Server 2012 Passed

Windows Server 2012/R2 Passed

Windows Server 2016 Passed

Windows Server 2019 Passed

Add TLS capabilities for SMTP/POP monitoring.

Features Updated

Corrected bindings on DASH server

- Additional keywords added

- Additional Certificate Information Added

- Enhanced HTTP/s capabilities for SNI and TLS

- Added TLS/SSL Selection to HTTP

- Added Other Headers functionality for posting additional headers when testing site.

- Addition of ipV6 functionality.

- Selection of v4, v6, or v6 w/v4 fallback.


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