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The IPSentry Active Display Console
Starting point within IPSentry.

Display Options Editor
Add-In Manager

System Options
Global configuration options and preferences.


Device Editor
Configuration of devices, alerts, thresholds, and more.

General Entry Details
Group/Template Entries
Back Reference Monitors
Network (TCP/IP) Standard Entries
System Service Monitoring
Drive Space Monitoring
Command Monitoring
Using Add-In Components
Setting the Monitoring Schedule
Adding Notations to Entries
Statistics Definitions
Suspend / Resume Monitoring Functionality

Alerting and Notifications

Audible Alerting
Launch Command Line Utility
Email Notification
SMS/Cell/Pager/Mobile Device Notification

SMS Text Messaging
Numeric Beepers
Email Text Messaging
Custom Script Mobile Device Scripting

Syslog Message Notification
X10 Power Control
Add-In Actions and Notifications

IPSentry Add-In manager
Manage your add-in components.


IPSentry SQL Upsizer
Upsize of the graphing database from MS Access MDB to SQL Server to overcome the 2GB size limitation on the database.


Add-In Components
Factory distributed add-in features.

Event Log Monitor
File Content Monitor
File and Directory Monitor
IT Environmental Monitor
Mail Transaction Monitor
Modem Connection Monitor
Network Time Monitor
POP3 Queue Monitor
Database Connection & Query Monitor
MRTG Counter Value Monitor
Service State Controller
Performance Counter Monitor
HTTP/s Enhanced Web Monitor
Scripted TCP/IP Network Monitor
SNMP Monitor
SNMP Trap Alerting
SSL Certificate Monitor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
An in-progress help area.

How To - In Progress
An in-progress help area.

IPSentry Keyword Reference
Implementation of keywords and their associated values.

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