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Web Server (IIS) Configuration for IPSX Dashboard on Windows XP Professional
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The IPSentry IPSX Dashboard may be hosted under Internet Information Services (IIS) for content delivery.

The following document requires the following actions having been completed as well as knowledge of IIS configuration under Windows XP.

  1. You have installed IPSentry 5.12.202 or later.
  2. You have already installed Internet Information Services (IIS)
  3. You have installed IPSentry IPSX Dashboard.
  4. You have configured the IPSentry IPSX Dashboard using the IPSX Dashboard Configuration Wizard.

Step 1 - Add the appropriate MIME types to IIS

By default, the file extensions for Silverlight application files such as .xap and .xaml are unrecognized by IIS.  In order to host and deliver these files with the appropriate headers, you will need to add these file extensions as MIME Types in IIS.

For more information, see: http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/262/configuring-iis-for-silverlight-applications/

Step 2 - Create a virtual directory for accessing IPSX Dashboard - Optional

Step 3 -  Configuring ASP.NET on IIS for .NET Framework 4

The following actions need only be performed once in order to register ASP.NET 4.0 with IIS

Step 4 - Configuring access rights to the IPSentry application folder

 You should now be able to access the dashboard at http://computername/IPSentryIPSX/ 



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